2 Tank Composite System

EPD USA, Inc. is the innovative leader in the design of commercial and industrial Hi-Rate Permanent Media Filtration Systems. EPD began operation in 1980 and has since garnered a reputation for manufacturing an extensive line of fully automatic as well as manual filtration systems available in Polyethylene Lined Steel Tank. EPD's top-quality filter systems range from single tank units to massive eight tank models, affording flow rates of 25 gpm to 4620 gpm*. Our systems are cost-efficient, easy-to-operate, and can readily meet any required water demands. These systems can be easily adapted to existing locations and expanded if necessary. Furthermore, a generous Limited Warranty, up to 20 years, is provided with each EPD system, our quality assurance statement to you.

That is why EPD is specified by engineers and architects around the world who demand only the best products for their clients.

* Drinking water systems.

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